Our system helps you instantly notify all local media of closings, cancellations, and other urgent announcements.

About WeatherThreat

  • Creates one centralized source for closing records that can be used by any of the WeatherThreat.com media participants.
  • Creates an easy, and free method for schools to login and enter closings without even calling you.
  • Can be used by you to enter closings for organizations that still need to call you.
  • Is preloaded with all available public schools in your coverage area.
  • Automatically updates your website with all relevant closings.
  • Automatically removes expired closings.
  • Only picks up the closings specific to your coverage area.
  • Requires no special software or complex installation for a basic setup.
  • Can significantly increase traffic to your site during bad weather.
  • Can be used on-air.
  • Eliminates redundant phone calls and data entry.
  • Can reduce your station's workload on stormy days to a fraction of what it once was.
  • Has been used successfully by millions of people across the United States for years.