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Select a state to see what media participants cover counties in that state. Note that many of the listed states do not currently maintain active accounts but are opted in to use the service as needed in accordance with our agreement with Triton Digital.

Participants & Coverage

Since 2004, the network has grown primarily through "grass roots" efforts. As a result, the coverage area has steadily grown and sometimes spread to random, isolated locations throughout the United States as individuals hear about the “movement” and how successful it has been in areas where it is implemented.

Although we do not yet cover the entire United States at any given point in time, we do have that capability. In fact, we have been contacted several times by large companies and media organizations and media empires that are interested in having us partake in such a rollout. At this time, however, our plans are to continue expanding into those locations where our help is specifically requested.

With that in mind, here is a current list of our media participants and the states and counties that make up their coverage areas. Contact us if you would like your area to be added to this list. In fact, gives special attention to media and schools wanting to pioneer a new location.