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The information found on this page is written for those who work for schools, businesses, and other organizations that need to instantly submit important notifications to the local media. An example might include a factory that needs to shut down a shift due to a power outage. It might also include a church that needs to let its members know services will be cancelled because of inclement weather, or an elementary school that is on an emergency lockdown, or a business or non-profit that must close due to 20 inches of snow.

If these types of situations might apply to you, then your first step is to check our current list of Media Participants to see if is already covering your county. If we are, then request a free account. Your request will be sent to a media member in your area for review.

If you are not currently covered by any of our media participants, then we still encourage you to contact us to find out how we can help get our free network started in your area. In addition, we often grant free accounts to large factories and other organizations that want to syndicate their messages to their members independent of the local media.