is a school closings system and a network of shared closings for schools, businesses, organizations, etc. It is built for the media and individual account holders.


We have been (proudly) closing schools down since 2004 in states such as Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, South Dakota, South Carolina, Michigan and several other states. View current school closing media participants. Thousands of factories, churches, organizations, businesses, schools, colleges, and communities use the WeatherThreat network to instantly notify all their local media of closings, cancellations, and other urgent announcements. Request an account or more information.

For over a decade, has been the preferred closings system for much of the United States. We have worked with several of the largest media organizations in the country as well as countless “tiny” stations and schools of all sizes and locations. Our school closing services are aimed at groups of media that want to share closings among each organization’s overlapping coverage areas. Additionally, the end user consists of the schools, businesses, and other organizations who will be entering most of these closings using their individual accounts. It is the listeners, readers, and viewers who then ultimately absorb that information through your websites, TV crawlers, and other routes of syndication.

WeatherThreat Media Participants