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Anyone Sharing Closings with Everyone is a school closings system and a network of shared closings for schools, businesses, organizations, etc. It is built for the media and individual account holders.

Areas where WeatherThreat has been used.


We have been (proudly) closing schools down since 2004 in states such as Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, South Dakota, South Carolina, Michigan and several other states. View current school closing media participants. Thousands of factories, churches, organizations, businesses, schools, colleges, and communities use the WeatherThreat network to instantly notify all their local media of closings, cancellations, and other urgent announcements. Request an account or more information.

For over a decade, has been the preferred closings system for much of the United States. We have worked with several of the largest media organizations in the country as well as countless “tiny” stations and schools of all sizes and locations. Our school closing services are aimed at groups of media that want to share closings among each organization’s overlapping coverage areas. Additionally, the end user consists of the schools, businesses, and other organizations who will be entering most of these closings using their individual accounts. It is the listeners, readers, and viewers who then ultimately absorb that information through your websites, TV crawlers, and other routes of syndication.

About WeatherThreat

  • Creates one centralized source for closing records that can be used by any of the media participants.
  • Creates an easy, and free method for schools to login and enter closings without even calling you.
  • Can be used by you to enter closings for organizations that still need to call you.
  • Is preloaded with all available public schools in your coverage area.
  • Automatically updates your website with all relevant closings.
  • Automatically removes expired closings.
  • Only picks up the closings specific to your coverage area.
  • Requires no special software or complex installation for a basic setup.
  • Can significantly increase traffic to your site during bad weather.
  • Can be used on-air.
  • Eliminates redundant phone calls and data entry.
  • Can reduce your station’s workload on stormy days to a fraction of what it once was.
  • Has been used successfully by millions of people across the United States for years.

Media Solutions

Our media solutions are aimed at television stations, radio stations, and online newspapers who want to syndicate school closings, postponements, cancellations, notices-and other similar announcements-from a shared data pool that is ultimately populated by administrators at schools, universities, factories, churches, businesses, non-profits, and other organizations.

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Bronze Plan

  • Our most economical plan.
  • Coverage area can include up to 25 counties.
  • Email support during normal business hours.
  • License limited to website and verbal on-air usage.
  • No option to embed your own sponsor advertisements on widgets.

Silver Plan

  • Coverage area can include up to 25 counties.
  • Ability to embed your own sponsor advertisements on the widgets
  • Also includes National Weather Services alerts for your coverage area.
  • Ability to filter certain types of alerts (ask for details).
  • Phone support during business hours. After hours email support.
  • License limited to website and verbal on-air usage.

Gold Plan

  • Includes Silver Plan, plus:
  • License to use raw data for other uses:
    • TV crawl
    • Text messaging
    • In-house widget
    • Mobile App
    • Other options available
  • Uptime guarantee

Schools & Others

The information found in this section is written for those who work for schools, businesses, and other organizations that need to instantly submit important notifications to the local media. An example might include a factory that needs to shut down a shift due to a power outage. It might also include a church that needs to let its members know services will be cancelled because of inclement weather, or an elementary school that is on an emergency lockdown, or a business or non-profit that must close due to 20 inches of snow.

If these types of situations might apply to you, then your first step is to check our current list of Media Participants to see if is already covering your county. If we are, then request a free account. Your request will be sent to a media member in your area for review.

If you are not currently covered by any of our media participants, then we still encourage you to contact us to find out how we can help get our free network started in your area. In addition, we often grant free accounts to large factories and other organizations that want to syndicate their messages to their members independent of the local media.

Participants and Coverage

Since 2004, the network has grown primarily through “grass roots” efforts. As a result, the coverage area has steadily grown and sometimes spread to random, isolated locations throughout the United States as individuals hear about the “movement” and how successful it has been in areas where it is implemented.

Although we do not yet cover the entire United States at any given point in time, we do have that capability. In fact, we have been contacted several times by large companies and media organizations and media empires that are interested in having us partake in such a rollout. At this time, however, our plans are to continue expanding into those locations where our help is specifically requested.

With that in mind, here is a current list of our media participants and the states and counties that make up their coverage areas. Contact us if you would like your area to be added to this list. In fact, gives special attention to media and schools wanting to pioneer a new location.

Select a state to see what media participants cover counties in that state. Note that many of the listed states do not currently maintain active accounts but are opted in to use the service as needed in accordance with our agreement with Triton Digital.

Questions and Answers

Various versions are available to the media. Contact us for specifics. WeatherThreat is generally free to schools, businesses, non-profits, and other organizations who want to post their alerts to participating media.

No. can be implemented anwhere in the U.S.

It is helpful to understand the history of "anyone sharing with everyone." The network was originally used exclusively by the media as a means to share school closings with each other without necessarily involving the schools. Schools and organizations soon learned that they only needed to call one member on the network to have their alerts shared by all participating media. This worked great for everyone.

To make things even more convenient, we eventually gave each school its own account so that it could enter its own alerts without even bothering the media. Some schools still choose to call the stations and some don’t, but whatever route the school chooses, the number of phone calls and closing entries is cut substantially because the alerts are shared with everyone once they are entered by anyone.

No. Accounts are also granted to municipalities, churches, non-profits, businesses, and other organizations who also want to input their own alerts.

Various types of notifications are syndicated, including school closings, public alerts, late starts, cancellations, notices, early closings, rescheduled events, emergency notifications, and more.

No. The reverse effect happens. While we do provide a mobile phone app for general use, does not display alerts directly on its site. Visitors must get their local closings and alerts by visiting the sites of media members or by listening to them or watching them while they are broadcast on air. Both the media and report huge increases in overall traffic during inclement weather.

Yes, that is an option. Contact us for specific details.

No. Only alerts relevant to counties and states you assign to your coverage area will show up in your alerts list.

If you are not currently setup with your own account, call one (and only one) media member that includes your county in its coverage area. Media members are required to enter school closings into the network when requested by the school. Most will also enter important alerts for businesses and other organizations.

If you have already been granted a account, then login to your account and report the closing through the simple, step-by-step interface.

If not, request an account today.

No. Your alert will not be entered if you send it directly to You must call one of the media members or apply for an account and enter the alert yourself.

Request an account.

No. Only contact one media organization on the list that has your organization’s county in its coverage area. After the alert is entered once (by anyone), it is automatically shared across the entire network.

It will generally take anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes for your closings and alerts to be picked up by all the media who cover your county.

Every media member selects its own counties and states to be included in its coverage area. If the media member does not have your county listed in its coverage area, it will not display your alert. Coverage areas are used to organize and limit alerts to those that are most appropriate to the media organization’s patrons.

Call them and urge them to join by contacting us. Joining the network should save both you and them time and money.

Contact Us

Please visit our Request Account page if you would like to apply for a new account. Email us only if you are a media organization interested in one of our media solutions.

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Please visit our Login Recovery page for information on how to recover your login information.


Before Contacting
Please read this website in its entirety to fully understand how the network operates. Also, please read the user agreement. Phone support is offered to paid subscribers only. We request that you include your phone number in your email message if you are a media organization that would like to setup a phone meeting with one of our executives.

All media requests and all other correspondence should be sent to accounts@weatherthreat.comcom.

Contact us by mail at:

Hollman Media
123 N. 4th St
Norfolk, NE 6870


If you already have a media account, you can build your widget and get your code here.

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